What is the Law of Love?

Metta is love–but not just any love. It’s the stuff of good living. It’s the stuff you absolutely must have in babyhood. It’s unconditional love. It’s the empathy and compassion that is as much your birthright as the right to live, itself. It’s the love that’s there for you even in your ugliest, stupidest moments, a love that never robs you of your dignity, never asks too much.

For those of us blessed with abundant metta during our childhood, having metta for oneself is so automatic, we don’t have to think about it. For the rest of us–the majority, it seems–that’s the hard part. Society is so often top-down, so fixed on linear ideas like success, wealth and power, so accustomed to the analytical and critical, that it’s difficult to hang onto your right to life, liberty and love–simply because you are alive!

Practising metta, you become a fount of safety and wellbeing for other beings. You develop enlightened self-interest, realizing that your best interests are universal. At this time on the planet, metta is in short supply yet was was never needed more.

The law of love is humanity’s lifeblood. To make it flow, we must first let it into our own hearts. You and I must learn first to give lovingkindness to ourselves, then to each other; then to all other beings. (This gets really tough with politicians, banksters, corporatists and personal nemeses.)

Who invented the word metta? The ancient Tibetans who spoke Pali. Nothing to do with the Greek preposition meta.

Who are you?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEva van Loon clicked on metta when stumbling around in Buddhist thought many moons ago. She still struggles with metta for the self but made a major jump, while practising law and mediation, by becoming one of BC’s first holistic lawyers. (What do you mean, am I kidding? Yes, such beings do exist–entire conferences of them! And they’re good people–smart, too.)

Nowadays, as a cognition therapist, she has the opportunity to practise metta daily while fixing learning disabilities with people of all ages. It’s still far from easy, doing metta in hierarchical institutions, but it gets better as visions of integrative practice, be it in medicine, law, education or other fields, dawn on more and more of us.

She has the able help of Lord Tyee, a seasoned practitioner of metta, cano-lupine style. Together they seek to become wolfden and human versions of the Tardis–bigger on the inside.